Terrence Gets In A Bind

“A heart attack was just the start of my problems.”

Terrence Jones was the victim of a bad Japanese knotweed infestation which caused a chain reaction of health issues, we’ll let him explain in his own words…

“My Father wa a great fan of gardening. It wasn’t the pride of a well tended flower bed that he enjoyed, or the smell of fresh-cut grass on a Sunday that he loved, it were the closeness with nature he appreciated; the satisfaction of nurturing life, an ecosystem, in his back garden. There was nothing he loved more than spending entire summer days in his garden on his hands and knees, with dirt under his nails and his prints caked with soil. I’d like to say that I inherited a similar passion when I took ownership of the house, but I never became attached to the garden in the same way.

Despite my indifference towards the green space behind my house, I owe it my life. 

Stress is a funny thing. One minute your body might be humming along nicely, your heart beating regularly; the next minute, for one reason or another, your pulse could be racing and your mind could be running over itself desperately trying to figure out what’s happened to it. For many people that’s what stress is: a small burst of frightened energy, a lightning storm of emotion that is over as soon as it began. For me it was something a little more tiring.

I used to manage a supermarket before my incident. It wasn’t a job that I’d planned on getting into. I’d been a car salesman in the 90s and a good one at that, but the recession hit me hard and I soon found that I was on my arse. Retail was one of the few industries that were still hiring so I slipped right into a supervisory role and soon found myself climbing the ranks in order to get to where I needed.

I’d thought that I’d be prepared for the job, after all I was moving from a role where I was solely responsible for my income to one where I suddenly had hundreds of people working underneath me. I soon found out that keeping all those people happy and motivated was my new role, which proved to be a little trickier than I thought it would be. This wasn’t a job that I could simply leave at the supermarket, it was one that followed me home. The job called me up and demanded my time, it forced me to review payslips and rotas, it could wake me up at any time and could pull me back in whenever it pleased. Soon it was all I thought about, that is until I discovered a Japanese knotweed infestation in my back garden.

It wasn’t the infestation that destroyed me, it was the cost to remove Japanese knotweed that gave me the heart attack.

That heart attack put me in the hospital for a month. The stress of the ordeal had knocked me flat out, but it had given the doctors a chance to give me an MRI scan.

I could thank the recession for saving my life, or I could thank the supermarket and its teeming ant-farm of workers, or I could thank my Father. He loved that garden and the thought of it being destroyed effected me more than I thought it would.

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