Oncology News: DC-DC Converters & Patient Opinions

More news involving Oncology developments…

The news in Oncology changes rapidly, so here at UKRO we try and keep you updated with all the new developments, as well as how these changes are effecting the patients that are currently undergoing treatment.

New DC-DC Converters Power Up Oncology Tech

Wall Industries have been pioneers in the industry of power solutions for years now, based in Massachusetts, USA the company designs and  manufactures an exhaustive catalogue of DC-DC converters, power supplies, transformers and other such specialist electronics which have been utilised in a wide range of industries. Whilst the company’s recently invented Nuclear Event Detector product has found its way into many life support hospital features across the states, we are not starting to see more of their technology come across the pond and integrate with our own oncology equipment. Keep an eye out over the next few months to see how these new Wall Industries innovations change the way we practice Oncology.

How Cancer Treatment Affect Breast Cancer Patients

Thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK, but their experience is one that remains at once private and also taboo. British people often struggle expressing themselves, especially when the topic of conversation is related to a body part that is particularly sensitive or associated with sex. For these reasons, women are silently discouraged from sharing their journeys with breast cancer which has a knock-on effect of further discouraging newly diagnosed patients and mystifying the subject to those who are in need of elucidation.

In a new book compiling the experiences of women with breast cancer diagnoses up and down the UK, specialist oncology nurse Alison Bailey has over 25 years of experience and has spent the last few years talking to her patients and attempting to collect candid statements about what living with the illness is like. These statements have been collected together into a new book named One Step at a Time and is due to be published on 27th September.

Will Brexit Impact Cancer Treatments?

It seems like the goal posts that are Brexit have been moving on a daily basis, but with each passing day that the constitutional shift is delayed, more and more potential issues are being raised by industry leaders and organisations. After David Davis revealed that the UK will be severing ties with European civil nuclear regulator, Euratom, senior NHS oncologists and radiologists have met with a Lords Home Affairs Subcommittee to voice their concerns about how this change could affect the end-user, ie. the patients undergoing vital cancer therapies.

As many oncological treatments are time-sensitive, any delays or potential disruptions to the delivery of the materials needed could lead to serious implications for patients. Davis has put forward the plan of setting up a UK based equivalent to Euratom, however limited steps have been taken to get this plan moving and specialists are concerned that the transition from Euratom could lead to patients losing access to their treatment, potentially putting them weeks behind their plans.

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